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Providing Eviction Services to Property Owners Near Atlanta, GA and the Surrounding Areas

Nobody likes the idea that they may have to evict a tenant. Sometimes, however, it becomes necessary. Perhaps the tenant has consistently refused to make payments. Or, maybe they’ve been harassing the neighbors. Perhaps they’ve caused significant damage to the property, or caused other problems. When it comes time to evict a tenant, you’ll be faced with daunting court procedures. That’s where we’re able to help. ARG Realty and Property Management offers eviction services to anyone near Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas. As a property manager, we’ve handled everything from tenant screening, to property maintenance, to eviction. Because of our range of experience, we’re confident we can provide you with the assistance you need.

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Working with You from Start to Finish

At ARG Realty and Property Management, we are incredibly familiar with the court procedures involved in eviction. We can guide you through the process, handle all paperwork, and manage all collection efforts. It is our goal to make sure that the eviction process goes as smoothly as possible.

Taking the Stress off Your Shoulders

Our eviction services are available to:


  • Atlanta, GA
  • Sandy Springs, GA
  • Decatur, GA
  • Marietta, GA
  • Union City, GA
  • Buford, GA
  • Loganville, GA
  • Grayson, GA

If you’d like to learn more, then consider calling us today. Let us give you the assistance you deserve.

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